Is Business Consulting Always The Answer?

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Business consulting is a broad word that is frequently overused. That isn’t to say that a business consultant can’t be beneficial to your company.

Many businesses put off engaging a business consultant because they are unsure when they need one or how to calculate the consultant’s return on investment.

We present a full overview and definition of business consulting in this post, as well as the services covered by that definition, how to decide when to engage one, and how to calculate your return on investment.

What business consulting does.

In their field of expertise, a business consultant provides advise, assistance, and training.

Businesses employ business consultants for a variety of reasons. According to The Predictive Index’s yearly consultant report, most people hire consultants for their expertise in one of five areas:

  • Strategy
  • Human resources
  • Operations
  • Risk and compliance
  • Financial advice
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Source: The Predictive Index 2019 Annual Consultant Report

Most consultants specialize in specific areas of expertise, however we are a network of experts.

Business consulting with experience and a proven track record often charge $20K or more per assignment, with some organizations charging $50,000 or more.

Small business consultants can offer more cost-effective services. Your ROI may be lower if you don’t have the knowledge and competence of well-known consultants.

Before employing a consultant, companies should know the consultant’s specialty, success rates, and pricing structure.

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When is it appropriate to hire business consulting?

Hiring business consulting is a significant time and financial commitment.

However, if you employ at the proper time, your investment can pay off handsomely in terms of revenue, reputation, and long-term growth.

As a result, knowing when it’s a smart idea to hire a consultant is crucial. Consider the following requirements before deciding whether or not to hire a consultant for your team.

1. Experienced Insight

Business consulting can make sure all of the boxes are checked for the needs of your business’s foundation. They could walk you through the process of franchising your business effectively. Even streamline your existing operations to a level of efficiency to maximize the efforts between your operations teams.

2. Funding Guidance

A professional team that navigates the complexities of bringing on investors or enhancing project performance may help you avoid operation issues by focusing your resources in the right places.

3. Business operations and system audits

Maintaining efficient business procedures and operations is critical to the success or failure of your organization.

Businesses frequently lack the time or skill to thoroughly review their fundamental operations, necessitating the assistance of an unbiased third party to assess their processes’ health.

Consider your sales outreach campaigns, for example: When was the last time you actually read the entire content of your outreach to potential clients? Do you have a preference for where you place your call to action? Do you have any idea what it looks like?

Even sales and marketing personnel involved in the creation and distribution of those messages frequently do not. This isn’t due to incompetence or a lack of motivation; it’s just what they do all day. Instead, they may be mired in the minutiae of their own procedures, lacking the time or skill to critically reflect on the process they are in charge of.

Hiring a consultant may help you refine and develop your key processes, as well as give your organization an independent set of eyes to help it run more efficiently.

How do you calculate the return on investment from business consulting?

Measuring the return on investment of business consulting is difficult because they often assist in a variety of areas, many of which are quantified in terms of long-term growth.

According to the Predictive Index Consultant Report, more than a quarter (27%) of organizations opt not to hire consultants because the ROI is difficult to calculate.

Approach the connection with a few steps in mind to assist you measure the benefits of employing a business consultant:

  • Set defined, quantifiable goals for your partnership from the start.
  • Look for ways to quantify their work’s intangible advantages.

Use your scope of work to determine how to evaluate your consultant’s performance. If you hired a consultant to help with your corporate communications, for example, use KPIs like:

  • Click rate
  • Open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • Response rate
  • Leads & conversions

Consider the difference in your team’s confidence before and after your relationship to quantify intangible benefits. Conduct an internal survey or compare comments that led to the employment of a consultant with feedback received during and after your relationship.

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In summary

When a company lacks in-house experience, needs a second perspective, or needs to audit or restructure its business and operational infrastructure, it should hire a business consultant.

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