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When it comes to business consulting we look at things differently. Where some see hurdles or barriers standing in front of goals, we find and present clear commitments and resolutions. With guarantees!

Strategy and Focus

Strategy and focus are two critical elements of running a successful business. A clear understanding of your goals and objectives is just part of developing a sound business strategy.

We Build Trust

Customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders need to believe that a business will act ethically, provide quality products or services, and run in a responsible and sustainable way.

Strategic Business Consulting

We put our expertise to work, elevating reputations and growing circles of influence for everyone in need of strategic counsel – and everyone in-between.

Personal & Business Credit Consulting

Personal credit is more accessible and familiar, but has limited capacity and personal risk. Business credit has increased capacity, lower interest rates, and keeps business and personal finances separate.

Business Funding Solutions

Businesses need to carefully consider their funding options based on their unique situations, financial goals, and plans for growth. Some ways to get money might be better for short-term needs, while others might be better for long-term needs.

Common Commitments

Business Consulting

Consultant Lead Business Planning

Business planning is crucial to your business operations. There are many types of business plans, and understanding the format and details needed to map out targets and secure funding is our specialty. This is a funding-focused preparation for financial underwriting.

Do it yourself Business Plan

Talk to Tailor to have a logic-based conversation that covers all the basics of getting ready for a new business idea or building your intellectual property foundation. You can download the answers right away, and the formatted version will be ready in 24 to 72 hours, depending on how many details and extra help you request.
Business Consulting, Disruptive Lean Six Sigma

Business Credit Strategy

A survey found that more than 70% of small business owners don't know what their business's credit score is. One of the most important things that determines whether or not a business can get a loan is its credit score. Access our 30-60-90 Business Credit Strategy.
Business Consulting, Disruptive Lean Six Sigma

Market Analysis

Market analysis is the process of getting information about your market and figuring out what it all means so you can make better business decisions. We'll look at target markets, industry risk, competition, demography, and other elements that could make or break your business.

Integrated Dashboards

24/7 access to your secured client portal to review progress toward your goals. Overall, using dashboards to access business data and make business intelligence-based decisions can help businesses to become more efficient, more effective, and more competitive in their markets

Corporate Waste & Culture Analysis

We apply a strategic system and take a holistic approach to organizational excellence focused on radically improving well-managed projects while building a culture committed to making those improvements endure. The traditional Lean Six Sigma approach relies too heavily on complex statistics, acronyms, and the overuse of foreign terms and examples.

we apply solutions for complex needs

We are always looking for ways to develop and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial, and highly results-oriented partnerships with our clients and their businesses. Our commitments are your objectives.

We have professionals in personal and business credit, business finance, demographics and consumer targeting, business planning, private and SBA funding, operation efficiency, human resources, and many other areas. Speak with a professional now to see how we can help you take your business and ideas to the next level.

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